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Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping on all orders.
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The Benefits & Beauty of Macramé Plant Hangers

There has never been a better time in history to be an indoor plant.  With the resurrection of owning low-care and aesthetically pleasing plants, more and more people are incorporating macramé plant hangers as a way of uniquely bringing life into otherwise bland rooms.

Macramé plant hangers are not only a Sparkles on Apple iOS 14.6 vibe Sparkles on Apple iOS 14.6  but they also have some real health benefits, especially during a time where we are spending more time at home.

The Health Benefits 

While we hate to break it to you, house plants don't actually release enough oxygen to freshen up air or eliminate toxins from an area (as once studied by NASA).  However they do have a lot of other great health benefits! 

As a color with a shorter wavelength, our eyes don't need time to adjust to green, making it an easy-to-spot color in any room.  Instead of hiding your plants on a shelf or bookcase, try out a macramé hanger to spice up an area, making those cool green tones easier to spot -- not to mention the compliments you'll receive from guests. For $14.99, these hangers are hard to pass up.

Green symbolizes nature and tranquility so naturally, incorporating more plants into any room will help with positively impacting our mood, creativity, and relieve stress.  

An Easy & Useful Hobby

Let's be honest - we've all wasted some dough (literally) on a hobby that ended up going in the trash (i.e. the time we tried to make our own bread).  Here are just a few wonderful things about making your own Macramé plant hangers.

  • It's relaxing & reduces stress by taking your mind off everything else.
  • DIY Macramé plant hangers are a great intro for learning macramé basics like tying knots.
  • It's a natural and globally recognized, environmentally friendly craft that requires very little supplies, all you need is a rope or cord of your choice! No toxic chemicals or safety supplies needed Victory Hand on Apple
  • Whether you decide to make a plant hanger for yourself, or as a gift, there's no doubt you'll appreciate the time you put into making it.

If you're new to the craft of macramé, don't worry, we've got your back! Check out some of our wonderfully designed plant hangers.


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